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Free Up Your Weekends!

Caring for your lawn so it looks its best can be quite a painstaking chore. Though some homeowners enjoy yard work, many of them would rather spend their weekends relaxing: watching a ballgame, holding a barbecue, spending time with friends and family…. Anything other than having to monitor and carry out all the tasks that are involved with maintaining a green, lush lawn.

Leave the upkeep to the pros at Big Red’s Yard Services, and spend your weekends admiring your professionally manicured lawn rather than working on it. Big Red’s has been long known in the Loveland area for its excellent customer service and attention to detail. Your satisfaction—even exceeding your expectations—is our top priority. These aren't just words to us. They're the cornerstone of this company. Know that your yard is in outstanding hands!

Take a look at these seasonal lawn-maintenance must-dos and then think about being a do-it-yourselfer versus letting Big Red’s Yard Services handle it all!


Mowing: Your lawn should be mowed once a week during the hot months and in the fall until the grass goes dormant for the winter.

Aeration: Perforate the topsoil, which lets air, water and nutrients reach grass roots more easily.

Fertilization: Do it twice this time of year—once during the early part and again during the late part.


Insecticide treatment: Lawns are more susceptible to infestations of grubs and other insects in June, July and August.

Weed control: A homeowner should uproot them by hand because herbicides can damage a summer lawn.

Fertilization: These nutrients should be applied once late in the summer.


Seeding: Filling in thin or bare patches will ensure a dense, healthy lawn when spring arrives.

Raking: It must be done regularly, so your lawn doesn’t suffer under layers of leaf debris.

Fertilization: It needs to be applied twice during the autumn months.

To get in touch with Big Red’s Yard Services, call us at 479-644-4876 or email us at We look forward to finding how we can meet all of your yard’s needs. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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